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Josh McCullough

An accomplished weightlifter in his own right and highly experienced CrossFit coach, there’s not much Josh doesn’t know about a barbell, making him one if the best in the country for coaching barbell and strength work. The gentle giant has a great way with people and is often at the centre of craic at 8020. If you want to get on his good side, bring him a great coffee before his class…


Emma Willis

An international sprinter, Emma found her niche coaching the Women’s Strength at 8020. Combined with her experience in golf-specific strength and conditioning, she is quickly building up a strong reputation as the go-to person for golfers looking to move better. If she’s not in the gym training, she’s likely at the driving range…


Jon Morrison

Jon is the longest serving coach at 8020, and when he’s not travelling the world driving amazing cars, he’s the one person on the team that everyone asks for gymnastics advice. He can do some pretty amazing things on rings and bars, but is an even better coach… 

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