Neil Laverty

Neil Laverty

Head Coach

Front Squat: 200KG

Clean: 168KG

Power Clean: 155KG

Deadlift: 270KG



CF Gymnastics

CF Endurance

CF Power Athlete

CF Weightlifting

CF Competitor Trainer

CF Kettlebell

CF Striking

CF Strongman

Precision Nutrition


FRC Practitioner

Hybrid Trainer

BioForce Certified Conditioning Coach

Level 3 Personal Trainer

Sports Massage Therapist

Level 4 GP Referral Exercise Specialist

About Coach

Competing in elite-level sprinting, rugby, and martial arts from a young age, I knew sports was something that would always be a part of my life. At a young age, I was signed to a modeling agency and worked with many brands over the years including covers of magazines like Men's Health. I completed a record-breaking endurance cycle and run across the USA in 2006 and realized I loved more than just conventional gym work. After fracturing my spine in 2007, during rehab I found CrossFit, and have never looked back in 15 years.

Turning Point

During the first few years of competing as a CrossFit athlete, I realised I was getting injured way too much. This led me to learn as much as possible about every type of training and program design. Very quickly I was coaching all of the top athletes in the country and realised I was a better coach than an athlete. To date I'm the most successful CrossFit coach in N.Ireland and Ireland, having sent countless athletes to regionals level and now qualified 4 athletes to the CrossFit Games.

Motivation & Passion

I love coaching everyone, from total beginner, right through to CrossFit Games athlete, from people seeking to lose weight for a wedding to those wanting to get a 6-pack for the beach. It doesn't matter your level or goal, I'll give 100% of my expertise and experience to help you achieve things you may not believe are possible.

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